The American Institute Of Architects Leads The Construction Industry

     The construction industry is constantly evolving with new rules and regulations being introduced as new building materials are created and the latest techniques are improved over time. One group working to ensure the construction and design sectors are safe and secure for all is the American Institute of Architects which is currently headed by CEO Robert Ivy; a series of improvements and advances have been made to the knowledge and level of success seen by the American Institute of Architects since Robert Ivy took control of the organization as CEO and Executive Vice-President in 2011.

Robert Ivy has taken charge of a group with a wide-ranging history based on the need for a better understanding of the built environment and the role architects play in building a brighter future in all environments. The need to develop stronger links between architects and the construction industry was one of the main reasons for the formation of the American Institute of Architects in 1857 under the leadership of an initial 13 architects who were based in and around New York. Although initially planned as a New York-based group the expansion of the organization moved the group into the national arena.

As the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy is leading an organization of more than 90,000 members who have come together to work towards attaining a higher level of training across the U.S. and to fight for a well-regulated architecture and design community. The American Institute of Architects has become so well-known and respected among government agencies that it is now consulted by Federal and local agencies when new construction sector regulations are to be introduced.

The American Institute of Architects has developed the range of membership benefits offered under the leadership of globally-respected architect, Robert Ivy. Members have their membership benefits extended even when retiring from the architectural industry to make sure they remain up to date and covered by the many programs offered by the subscription-based organization. Among the programs, Robert Ivy has overseen during his period as the CEO of the group is the Sustainability 2030 toolkit which is leading local officials towards building new communities with a focus on environmentally-friendly buildings.

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