Kerrisdale Capital Management is not new in betting against companies. The firm under the Chief Investment Officer SahmAdrangi, raised about $100 million from its investors to stake against a single stock. The co-investment funds will be used to buy stocks from a yet to be unveiled public firm that is worth $10 billion. Adrangi together with Kerrisdale’s analyst Shane Wilson, are using videos, reports, and websites to popularise campaign. Currently, Kerrisdale Capital Management manages about $500 million and has been involved with companies such as satellite company Globalstar, Zafgen, and drug manufactures Sage Therapeutics.

About Adrangi

Adrangi is Kerrisdale’s founder and Chief Investment Officer. He established the firm in 2009 with an initial capital of $ 1 million. Under his leadership, the company is currently managing approximately $150 million. Adrangi is an alumnus of Yale University where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He began his career at Deutsche Bank where he provided solutions to high yield and leveraged loan debt financings. He later moved to Chanin Capital Partners where he served as a credits advisor to committees in bankruptcy. Adrangi has also worked at Longacre, a multi-billion dollar debt hedge fund.

Adrangi became known to the public after he exposed Chinese companies that were involved in fraudulent activities in 2010-2011. Some of the companies include Lihua International, China Biotic and China Marine Food. Adrangi has also been vocal in the mining sector exposing the market evaluations and mining prospects of firms such as Northern Dynasty Minerals and First Majestic Silver. Kerrisdale Capital has also researched on companies in the telecommunication sector like Dish Network, ViaSat, Globalstar and Straight Path Communications. In an interview,Adrangi brought to light the shortcomings in Globalstar’s proposed Terrestrial Low Power Service.

Adrangi has been at the forefront of cleansing all the corrupt investment companies in the stock exchange. He moved a motion of ejecting the directors of Morgans Hotel Group and replacing them with his chosen. He also compelled the leadership of Lindsay Corporation to restructure the firm’s capital allocation policies and increase funds deployment. Adrangi shares his research on social media platforms and Kerrisdale’s website.

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