Chris Burch Builds a Legacy Alongside Luxury Resorts

On an island in Indonesia, a businessman found paradise well off the beaten path. Chris Burch decided that he had to establish a luxury resort here, keep it small in order to best feature the local culture, landscape, and beauty. This paradise is known as Nihiwatu and up until recently it never even made it on the off the beaten path lists of places you had to see. Over the years though, Nihiwatu has not only made the lists, but dominated the best of the best lists while still maintaining its off the beaten path status.   Read more about Nihiwatu, browse on this link on

Chris Burch is a well known investor, developer, businessman, and philanthropist all over the globe. Consistently building, reorganizing, and founding businesses, products, and community projects is not only his business, but a lifestyle for Burch. Check to learn more about this well know investor, developer, etc.  Not surprisingly, there isn’t an area of business that Burch has not dabbled in, with items in his portfolio that range from luxury resorts to clothing lines to medical products.  To read more about the diversity of his business investment, click      

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More important than the businesses and products though are the social change and improvement projects that he has spearheaded through his businesses and the communities where they are established. This philanthropy work is the real legacy of Chris Burch and will continue to thrive and realize progress long after he is gone.   When it comes to Nihiwatu, the difference in the local economy and standard of living is visible everywhere you look. Changes and improvements are not just cosmetic, but intended to change the living, and future of both adults, children, and by default future generations.  Burch has many times stated that making these improvements in the community was a necessary part of starting a business here, and necessary in order for his own business to flourish. Still, he understands the fine line between over developing an area so he has worked diligently with local government to ensure that locals will always have a role in their community and that minimal change occurs to the land. To know his new and follow on investments, hit

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