Chris Burch and Paradise Found

In this highly developed and industrialized world, it is hard to still find a place that is virtually untouched by modern progress. However, there is such a paradise found in the island of Sumba-less than one hour away by flight from Bali. The over 75,000 residents of the island still believe in the power of gods as they use sacrifices and rituals to appease the unseen powers. Instead of money, the islanders use animals as currency and the people are grouped together and governed by tribal leaders. Nihiwatu in Sumba has maintained its rich culture, in a world of change.   Read more about this luxury resort in this link on

It was the charm and the wildness of Sumba that attracted die-hard surfers, Petra and Claude Graves to the island in the 1980’s. They first arrived to experience the unique surf spot known as “Occy’s Left.” The beauty and the spirit of the island captured them and they decided to stay. It was not easy at first, there was a six hour drive to the nearest medical facility and no running water or electricity. The Graves stayed however and developed a beautiful resort. Their main goal was not to disturb the exotic land around them and to bring some much needed revenue to the islanders. After three decades later, Nihiwatu was awarded the distinction of being the #1 Hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure.

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Chris Burch, the new co-owner of the hotel has spent well over $30 million dollars to improve the villas and build up the amenties at Nihiwatu. The hotel features over 32 differently themed villas and includes a 3 bedroom tree house. The villas are edged by 3 km of virgin crescent beach and untouched wilderness. Burch has hired locally and the hotel has brought a new dimension to the lives of the islanders. Along with the Graves, he supports the Sumba Foundation which has spent over $500,000 to improve the life of residents.  For an additional article, check

Chris Burch is an entrepreneur with a diverse background in business. Related article on  His talents include fashion, technology and real estate. He has built luxurious homes in Nantucket, Palm Beach and South Hampton.  Check for a related article. He also created Eagle Eye Apparel and C Wonder companies which he later sold for millions of dollars. Mr. Burch has supported a variety of charitable organizations such aqs the China Association of Child Welfare and the Mt. Sinai hospital efforts. He is a man who believes in giving back.

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