Rocketship Education: Harnessing the Power of Parents

What makes a great school? Is it the teachers, the students or does it all comes down to the dollars being thrown at it? There is a new growing trend in charter schools that intends to take advantage of the power of parents. Surprising to many, one of the greatest indicators of success in education is parental involvement. This is a powerful resource that costs nothing but yields outstanding results. Yet many schools, public and private still neglect to take advantage of this awe-inspiring force. Luckily there is a growing movement among charter schools to use this parent power and turn it into a weapon which they will wield against the disconcerting achievement gap.

The achievement gap refers to the tendency of schools serving low-income areas to do significantly worse than their better-funded counterparts. Although there are a plethora of factors that are responsible for this trend, organizations like Rocketship Education are willing to take them on. This nonprofit was established in 2006 and has already grown to 20 schools in over three states as well as the District of Columbia. This growth is thanks to their comprehensive educational strategy. Despite knowing that it is a difficult path Rocketship Education is ready to take on this destructive achievement gap and they intend to win in our lifetime.

Their technique hones in on a variety of different stressors on students. They begin with compassionate and exceptional staff. From there they provide regular training making sure instructor knows how to cater to student’s varying and unique needs. These teachers are required to meet with every student’s family at home before the school year begins. This begins a bond between teachers and parents that lasts throughout the school year. In their partnership, they will be able to discuss the student’s needs. These meetings also begin the framework of creating parents heavily investing in their child’s education. It is Rocketship Education’s goal that once established, this habit will be set and children will be supported throughout their schooling. They and other likeminded charter schools believe that this involvement is the key to a quality education.

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