With Life Line Screening, Prevention is Truly Better Than Cure

We have always heard that prevention is better than cure and that is true, of course, especially because there are diseases that don’t exhibit symptoms but can be very harmful to your health and well-being if they are treated late in development. Those diseases can be deadlier than you might’ve imagined, as they can be silent killers.

While part of prevention is detection, Life Line Screening is a company that provides state of the art medical technology that detects diseases before they become serious. As stated, many diseases don’t exhibit symptoms at first, and when you do feel it in your body that you have a condition, it is often too late, depending on what complication you have.

One those silent killer diseases is osteoporosis. And it is known as such because most of the time, the patients who have this disease doesn’t have a clue about the status of their bone density index or bone loss and that is understandable because that is not something easily felt by the body or see by the naked eye.

That is where Life Line Screening’s state of the art testing comes in. They determine the cortical thickness of the proximal 1/3 of the tibia by using pulse echo ultrasound. Osteoporosis most often targets the tibia of the bone and therefore it is the most in danger from fractures. Line Line Screening osteoporosis tests is on bone loss and risk assessment.

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that we can hear quite commonly and this may have reduced its impact on the minds of most people, but the truth is that osteoporosis is a cruel disease where bone loss is quicker than the formation of new bone tissue. That means your bone density decreases over time and this also results in fragile bones. Aside from that, the strength of your bones also decreases and this makes them very vulnerable to fracturing from even the most minor of injuries. Osteoporosis can target any bone in your body, but it most commonly targets spine, hips, wrists, and ribs.

Thankfully with Life Line Screening, there is now a reliable way of detecting whether you have osteoporosis or not and their tests can even give you an accurate data on your bone density. The company has conducted over 8 million screenings since their founding in 1993. They also offer other kinds of screenings for other diseases in the form of blood tests, electrocardiography, and ultrasound scans.

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