The Creation Of Nihiwatu Resort In 2013 By Chris Burch Has Set A New Standard For Vacation Hotels

Sumba Island is part of Indonesia’s chain of Islands but is pretty small and considered remote that you won’t see any signs pointing to it from any major city airports. But this island is home to Nihiwatu Resort which is a relatively new creation, but has now surpassed all other beach resorts in being called the “World’s Best Hotel” by Business Insider. It was real estate investor and startup business guru Chris Burch who bought the resort along with James McBride in 2013, and the $30 million they put into it has turned it into a beauty to behold. Few other places can you go swimming in a glass-walled pool and get an exotic view of the ocean, or stay in vacation villas that look as if they belonged in a fairy tale. Chris Burch bought this property hoping one day to pass it on to his future family.  Learn more about his awesome resort on

Chris Burch was a bright young man who got to attend the Tilton private school as a young man and then enrolled in Ithaca College when he got older. According to, while studying at Ithaca, he took up a hobby of buying sweaters and then selling them for $5 more than what he bought them. This hobby soon grew into such a successful business venture that soon he was running a multi-million dollar retail company known as Eagle Eye Apparel. Eagle Eye Apparel was able to compete with quite a few other retailers like Macy’s and JC Penny in its day. But Burch sold the company eventually and began to look at other investments.

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Chris Burch was behind the scenes of the opening of a couple celebrity brands including fashion model and his former wife Tory Burch’s line, and later the ED brand from talk show hostess Ellen DeGeneres. The company he’s made many of these investments under is Burch Creative Capital, a company he calls an incubator that invests in businesses whose ideas may not be as appealing to some venture capitalists or banks. But Burch’s real estate investments are also listed in the company’s portfolio and the first big one was the Faena Hotel+Universe in 2004, and later Burch bought a condo property from this same company. He also bought several homes across Long Island and Massachusetts that he flipped for millions of dollars in sales. What might be less known about Burch is that he was also the film producer of a 1992 romance comedy called “Watch It.” Check on to know his latest innovative product in the market.

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