Perry Mandera Speaks about the Technologies that Helps The Custom Companies, Inc., to Serve the Clients Better

The founder and the President of The Custom Companies, Inc., Perry Mandera, is a man known for using technology to run the business and serve the clients better. The transportation company efficiently utilizes a number of technologies, and that gives a uniqueness to its services. Perry Mandera recently disclosed the technology products the company uses to ensure a hassle-free service delivery to its clients. Cheetah Dispatch is a comprehensive and dynamic tool according to him. It helps the drivers of the company to access various information such as proof of delivery details, automatic pick up times, and more (


The second tool Perry Mandera suggested is Warehouse Management System or WMS. It is a tool that ensures efficient fulfillment services, including picking and packing. It also allows the customers to track their products easily. The type of electronic inventory executed by WMS helps the customers to see the products from the point it received by the company until it gets delivered. Thirdly, Dock Management System or DMS assigns unique barcodes to each shipment. The technology ensures smooth and quick movement of freights with minimal errors and delays.


Perry Mandera is from Chicago, and after high school, he joined the Marine forces of the United States. After working five years with the forces, he came out and started his own transportation business in the year 1980 – finally sold in 1985. Due to his keen interest in politics, Perry Mandera also collaborated with Republican Party and served as its Ward Committeeman from 1984 to 1988. In the year 1986, he established The Custom Companies, Inc. As of today, it serves clients of various sizes from family-run enterprises to fortune 100 firms.


The company is based in Northlake, Illinois, with its branch offices are opened in all the major American cities. The success of the firm helped Perry Mandera to be recognized as one of the most influential personalities in the American Transportation sector. In the year 2000, he was named as “The leading 100 Transportation Executives of the country of Millennium” by the renowned Illinois Transport Association or ITA. Currently, Perry Mandera serves as a board member of ITA (Behance).


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