The Productive Contributions of Jorge Moll as a Neurologist

Jorge Moll is a renowned neurologist has brought a lot of transformation in the field of neurology. He attended University of Rio de Janeiro and graduated in 1994 with an MD. He enrolled in the same university and graduated with residency in 1997. Jorge Moll went proceeded to University of Sao Paulo for a Ph.D. and obtained it in 2003.He specialized in Neuroscience which earned him a Ph.D.

Jorge Moll has gained a lot experience over the years as he serves on several boards. His counsel at the scientific board of Nielsen Neuro has led to the success of the organization. He is also the president of IDOR and the senior research leader in the institution. The exploration of neurology by Jorge Moll has resulted in saving of many lives.

Several researchers have established that giving has many advantages associated with it (Interview). Giving can be done in form of charities, donations or time volunteering. Giving does not just benefit the one practicing the virtue, but it brings benefits to the whole community. There are many benefits which are associated with giving.

Giving results in happiness in our daily lives. Jorge Moll did a research and found out that giving has an impact in the region of the brain that brings pleasure ( Jorge Moll established that the people who give have positive feelings. Jorge Moll established in his experiment that people who give are happier than those who buy items for themselves. Giving improves the health of the people who have a chronic illness. An investigation carried out by Jorge Moll revealed that people affected by chronic illness such as HIV have better health when they engage in giving. Moll found out that volunteering in the society prolongs the lives of the elderly people.

Giving promotes a sense of togetherness and social connection. The investigation conducted by Jorge Moll identified that it is likely for one who gives to be rewarded in future. Giving is an essential way of showing gratitude. Expressing gratitude triggers happiness and promotes health in the society. Giving leads to the production of oxytocin hormone which brings warm feeling effect in our lives.


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