Glen Wakeman: CEO, Businessman and Role Model

Glen Wakeman received his BS in economics and finance from the University of Scranton and his MBA from the University of Chicago. He is an experienced and extremely successful businessman, entrepreneur and most notably an exceptional mentor. He is considered by many to be a role model and father figure. Glen is currently the CEO and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings LLC. LaunchPad Holdings is a SaaS corporation that was founded in 2015 by Glen Wakeman.


Glen’s experience goes beyond borders as he has lived in six countries, worked and managed in over 32, speaks many languages and has over 20 years of experience with corporations like GE. His experience, knowledge, and skills have enabled him to become a prominent mentor to several C-level executives as well.


Glan Wakeman is also known for his 5-step performance method, which focuses on leadership, human capital, risk management, governance and business execution. Not only is Wakeman an excellent businessman and mentor, but also his writing skills are unparalleled. It was through this skill he was able to inspire others to change their administrative strategies and even boost the performance entire economies. When Mr. Wakeman retired from GE he was the CEO of GE Money Latin America. He created a startup that would eventually expand into 9 nations, exceed $12 billion in assets and over $100 million in annual earnings. If that’s not enough, at its peak the startup had over 17000 employees.


Glen Wakeman’s newest adventure is LaunchPad Holdings LLC ( This Saas firm, which he co-founded provides invaluable planning and advisory services to up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Glen’s service increases the chances of angel financing, strategy implementation, and increases the success rate of early-stage entrepreneurs dramatically. He has received several national and international awards for his leadership and dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR).


If you look at Glen’s immaculate career, it spans over 20 years, crosses over 30 nations, 4 continents and in every role, he was a leader, CEO, or role model. Glen continues to succeed wherever he goes and instead of keeping his knowledge and rewards for himself he is mentoring, sharing and helping other CEO’s, executives and young entrepreneurs to improve their businesses and succeed.


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