Foodservice Excellence & OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the leaders in custom-food solutions. This company was started by OttoKolschowski back in 1909. Yes, the company has been around for more than a century, but that says a lot about its character. At the time, this family-owned and operated business produced some of the best tasting beef in the region. The Midwest was its home, but its headquarters were constantly moved about through the years. Maywood, Illinois, and Oak Park, Illinois, were its first locations, but it’s now headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. This is a multi-billion dollar company. Forbes has ranked OSI Group many times on its prestigious lists for the most successful companies in America.

Did you know that acquisitions play a huge role in a company’s success? OSI Group has perfected the art of making business-acquisitions as it has acquired some of the biggest global brands. In 2016, the company purchasedTyson Foods’Chicago plantfor $7.4 million. Though many of Tyson’s employees were sourced to other locations, OSI Group was able to retain hundreds. This progressive approach shows how ethical this company truly is. The Tyson Foods acquisition will help to strengthen the company’s infrastructure even more. On the other hand, OSI Group has purchased BAHO Foods. BAHO Foods is a European leader in foodservices. This acquisition definitely helped to expand the company’s name into untapped, foreign markets. There are up to 65 innovative facilities of the company in totality.

OSI Group and custom-food solutions go hand-to-hand as the company produces a myriad of food products. This includes onions, panini, tomatoes, desserts, cooked sausage links, cookies, fresh dough, flatbread, Tofu, soups, chili, beans, cheese, turkey products, beef patties, meatballs, cucumbers and many more. If you just so happen to have a food product idea, this company will work directly with you to produce the best end-product. What more can you ever ask for. The future is looking extremely bright for OSI Group, but who knows what it has in store in the years to come.


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