Why The Nihiwatu Is Called The Best Hotel In The World

In 2012 the entrepreneur Chris Burch teamed up with a business partner to buy a resort. It was on the Indonesian Island of Suma. They completely renovated the resort, spending around $30 million. It was reopened as the Nihiwatu three years later and it has been called the best hotel in the world.  Related article on businessinsider.com.

Due to the nature of where the resort is at Chris Burch said they could do things with the Nihiwatu that couldn’t have been done anywhere else. It is made up of 27 private villas and features plunge pools and other amenities. The plunge pools feature beautiful views of the beaches of Suma as well as across the Indian Ocean. It offers many other amenities as well, such as a wellness center and an entertaining area that is partly indoors and partly outdoors. There are daily group yoga sessions and there are also private lessons that are available to guests of the resort.

Chris Burch has been founding businesses since the mid-1970’s. He founded Burch Creative Capital and is the CEO of the company. Between founding his own companies and being an early investor in others he has helped to launch over 50 companies during the course of his career. Among the brands he has launched are C. Wonder, Cocoon9, Bur+Mah, Blink Health, and Soludos among others.  For update on his recent timeline activities, visit his linkedin.com page

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Chris Burch graduated from Ithica College. The first business he co-founded was while he was attending this university. The company was named Eagles Eye Apparel. When they sold the company a number of years later it fetched $165 million. He used his share of the money to launch more fashion brands as well as enter other industries including technology, food, and hospitality.  Refer to bjtonline.com for more reading.

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