Dr. Mark McKenna is Changing the World Again!

Dr. Mark McKenna is currently the CEO of OVME (pronounced “of me”). It is a medical aesthetics company that helps individuals feel better about themselves. The company aims to enhance the customer experience through home visits and on-call Botox physicians that come to your home. Dr. Mark McKenna has already begun financing his new project with an investment firm in Atlanta called, Equity 38. He has already raised more than $4 million, created an app and plans to launch its first “OVME” boutique in Buckhead Nebraska on March 1st. Clinics are said to open in Nashville, Atlanta and Las Vegas in 2018 as well.

Dr. Mark McKenna earned has medical degree from Tulane Medical school in 1999 and quickly joined his father practicing medicine. Mark’s passion however, was in real estate. He began purchasing real estate in New Orleans while still in medical school. He also started several businesses including McKenna Crescent Investments, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. Business was doing well until Hurricane Katrina literally destroyed his real estate business overnight, but Mark didn’t give up. He rebuilt his business buying flooded land and building sustainable modular homes for the victims and their families. In the years following Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta and started ShapeMed, a cosmetics firm that provided weight counseling and other aesthetic medical surgeries and operations. In 2015, Mark Mckenna sold his business to LifeTime Fitness for $4.4 million.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s newest venture is OVME, which intends to bring aesthetic medical care to your home. The idea is to create an Uber type platform that enables anyone in America at any time to order a Botox treatment delivery to his or her home. The physicians would sign up in their respective states and get house calls. The plastic surgery and aesthetic field has always been in a rigid medical setting that many don’t feel comfortable with, but with Mark’s new idea patients would feel more comfortable and willing to get treatments more often.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s enthusiasm and dedication to whatever he does has earned him the respect and appreciation from those around him and the aesthetics industry as well. He and his wife, Ginanine share the same entrepreneurial drive and commitment with Gianine being the owner of an online swimwear and intimates clothing boutique.

His LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drsmarkmckenna

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