Eighteen Billion Dollars In Donations By George Soros Fuel Further Demonization

$18 billion. That’s the amount that George Soros has contributed to Open Society Foundations. This truly massive philanthropic contribution puts Soros up there with the likes of Bill Gates. However, rather than respect or recognition, Soros’ philanthropy has earned him the fury of the right wing. The number of conspiracies regarding Soros is almost as large as the number of dollars he’s donated. Whether it’s funding violent movements, influencing the presidential vote, or having sexual assault allegations brought against his political rivals, Soros has been a constant target since he first came into the view of conservatives.

Distrust of the Financial Elite Breeds Controversy Over Soros
Soros has been no stranger to controversy. He’s been a target for decades. However, perhaps surprisingly, the most recent claims against him haven’t been about his political contributions or his interference on the global stage, but his significant philanthropic efforts. A strong advocate of progressive causes and democracy, Soros has long attracted negative attention from the other side of the partisan divide. His donations have been almost unbelievably large in scope, exceeded only by Bill Gates himself. However, this amount of wealth has earned him scrutiny and suspicion from those who oppose the “financial elite.”

Why Soros Has Become a Target For Distrustful Conservatives
The economic structure of the United States makes it the perfect place for philanthropists to rise into prevalence. However, the political structure of the United States has made it even easier to formulate conspiracies against them. The partisan schism has only served to breed distrust against Soros, a figure who was already controversial outside the United States. As a strong advocate of progressive policies, globalism, and capitalism, he became an easy target for the anger and frustration of the right wing.

Throughout the past three decades, George Soros has used his Open Society Foundations to globally support his mission of bringing human rights, social justice and democracy to the global stage. Even his most recent move reflects this, with a strong push toward more liberal immigration policies throughout Europe to help deal with the refugee crisis of recent years. However, with the immense wealth of Soros, and his ability to exercise power on the global scale, it’s no surprise that even his charitable efforts are spun into conspiracies.

Conspiracies Serve to Muddy the Waters

Controversy has never been a stranger to Soros, and recent conspiracies serve to show that quite clearly. When one man is able to exercise global power and has the wealth to back his beliefs, then conspiracies about his every action can easily become commonplace, and his demonization by those with differing views becomes almost assured.

However, these conspiracies harm those creating them more than they do Soros. They not only shatter the credibility of those theorists, but they undermine the very democracy that allows them to voice those theories. A long-used tool of authoritarians, conspiracies serve to silence differing views in a speculative torrent, with fact becoming hard to differentiate from fiction, and the waters become so muddied that real discussion is impossible. The same is true here, where the theories surrounding Soros have stifled discussion about the real dangers of power and wealth on a global scale, and the potential influence of so-called mega-donors on the world stage.

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