Michael Burwell Takes Over As CEO Of Willis Towers Watson

In October last year, Willis Towers Watson decided to bring over a new CFO, upon the retirement of the previous leader, Roger Millay. The person who took over as the new chief financial officer of the company was Michael Burwell, who will be overseeing all of the main operations of the company. The new CFO started performing his operations in October 2017.



Burwell is an incredibly well-known name in the financial sector. He has been working in it for over three decades and is considered to be someone that people look upto. He has worked at a number of high executive positions during his career and has led several companies and teams during his career. One of the more prominent positions that he held in the past was at the position of Chief Operating Officer of Transaction Services. He has also served in the same position at a company known as Global Transformation.



Before working at executive positions, Michael Burwell worked as an auditor for several well-known names. He has also had a good amount of financial advisory experience where he contributed his knowledge and experience in a way in which he could help the clients who come to them. He has also worked with several companies who were undergoing mergers and acquisitions and who wanted to expand their business to new frontiers. All of this experience that Michael Burwell has attained through the years has helped him grow as a person and in his career, which is why he has been able to amass such a positive reputation for himself in the industry.



Several notable members from Willis Towers Watson came forward to give their views on the new appointment. Because of the experience that he brings along, the executives at WTW were thrilled to have him on board and greeted him with open arms. CEO, John Haley too came forward to extend a hearty welcome to Burwell as he joined the task force at the company. In an interview, he spoke about all the skills that Burwell brings to the table and all the positives that the company is likely to experience as he takes on the role of Chief Financial Officer of the company. He also stated that he was confident that Burwell could pull off the role of CFO with absolute ease and spoke about how he has immense faith in Burwell to take the company forward into the future. Go Here for additional information

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