The Response of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey to the Presidents Pardon to Joe Arpaio

The Presidential pardon for Joe Arpaio, who shot to notoriety for his misdeeds as the Sheriff of Maricopa County, has created extreme disappointment to the civil societies of the country. The victims of Arpaio’s humiliation were felt disgraced by the action of the President Donald Trump, and it created repercussions in the society which already saw deep divisions due to divisive policies of conservatives.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were the sufferers of the vengeful acts of the sheriff, and they opened their mind considering the shocking pardon from the President. Almost ten years back, the newspapermen of Phoenix New Times were arrested and put behind bars by the sheriff for revealing several scandals associated with the Arpaio’s rule.

While responding to the Presidential pardon, Lacey said that the President is a moron, as Rex Tillerson said, and the Presidential pardon proved it. He continued that it became a perfect marriage of those corrupt administrators.

While describing Arpaio, Lacey said that he was a sheriff who proclaimed racism and torture, and his jails saw numerous dead bodies due to those tortures. Arpaio was known for creating brutal jail conditions in the county, and he created a tent city prison which he often referred as a concentration camp.

Apart from inmate suicides, beating deaths, sex-crime cases even targeting children, Arpaio was also accused of diverting over $100 million jail funds. However, the Melendres v. Arpaio lawsuit that was targeting his torture towards Latinos finally put him in the criminal conviction. Lacey felt that the justice system of the country failed to punish the sheriff for his misdeeds.

Even if the President was not involved into the case, Lacey feels that Arpaio, who already turned 85, would have escaped with just contempt of court without being punished for his tortures, abuses, deaths, and more. Lacey further stated that the lives and careers of people had been ransacked by the reckless acts of Arpaio. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

While coming to Lacey and Larkin, they were arrested by the security forces of Arpaio in 2007, and during those days, Larkin was the CEO of Village Voice Media, a leading media group in Arizona. Lacey was serving as the Executive Editor of the group, and Phoenix New Times was one of the 17 publications of the group. In the case of Arpaio, he was accused of many misdeeds including misuse of the administrative powers, numerous wrongful deaths, concentration camps in the form of tent cities, racial abuses towards Latinos, and more.

All these incidents were timely reported by the Larkin and Lacey through their publications. Larkin said that both the reporters looked like a thorn to Arpaio, and that led to the arrest of both. They were arrested at midnight from their homes in Arizona, handcuffed, and put behind bars.

In 2004, Phoenix New Times published the illegal real estate games of Arpio and his wife, and it found to have ravaged the sheriff that resulted in an arrest three years later. However, the large public protests across the nation halted the plans of Arpio, and he was forced to release both, resulting in a huge settlement by county.

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