Conor Lamb and End Citizens United Hope for Change in Pennsylvania

     Conor Lamb will be hoping for a massive Democratic turnout on March 13th when he runs against Republican Rick Saccone in the Pennsylvania Special Election. Saccone and Lamb are both vying for a seat that was made empty by a disgraced Republican named Tim Murphy, who was forced to step down after an abortion-affair made headlines around the country. Pennsylvania’s 18th District has conventionally been a red seat but there is growing hope within Lamb’s camp that the potential for an upset exists. If this upset were to happen it would be due in large part to Lamb’s recent endorsement from End Citizens United, a political action committee.

End Citizens United is currently led by Tiffany Muller, the President of the PAC, and they have become major players in the political world over the past two years. End Citizens United was created in response to the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding Citizens United, a conservative group dedicated to spreading political propaganda. Citizens United essentially argued that corporations were people and that their money should be considered an extension of free speech, thus allowing unfettered donations to political campaigns while simultaneously stripping voters of the power of their rights.

End Citizens United is succeeding in creating grassroots momentum around the country for progressive politicians who are willing to fight for overturning Citizens United. Conor Lamb and End Citizens United see eye to eye on this issue and that is where their endorsement originates.

Lamb and ECU know that they are fighting an uphill battle against a Republican political machine that is notoriously good at raising money, but they do have hope. Since Trump took office there has been a massive surge in Democrats winning legislative seats. To date, Democrats have scored 34 legislative seats, a governor’s seat, and a Senators seat while Republicans have only gained four state seats during that same time frame.

The 2018 Congressional Elections are going to be the deciding factor for the future of the United States, at least until 2020 when the next Presidential Election takes place. With President Trump’s administration floundering, Lamb’s Special Election bid is going to be taking on renewed importance. In a regular year, one where a reality TV show host wasn’t president, Lamb likely wouldn’t have much of a shot in Pennsylvania. However, Lamb’s Union and rural appeal mixed with Trump’s historic disapproval rating may prove to be the difference.



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