Anthony Petrello Beats All Odds To Becomes The Highest Paid CEO

The American people may not have lived to appreciate the input of a man who has helped craft the American way of life. Anthony Petrello does not fill television like an expert or be charming to people with speeches like a politician. However, he might be one of the most significant personalities in the history of United States of America.

The once top paid Chief Executive Officer in the United States, Anthony, earned $68.2 million via his service with a leading oil and gas drilling company called Nabors Industries. Such a level of success motivates both envy and respect. Those who know Anthony understands that he is a humble and candid man that merits what he earns.

Numerous individuals in the United States do not like Wall Street for their gullible tactics while Main Street grieves. Anthony agrees with these views, and he promotes a moral code based on fairness as well as respect. The brilliant manager and business policymaker treat fellow men with respect and dignity. He has created thousands of jobs in the United States through his conduct and has become the contemporary captain of industry that assists ordinary Americans to obtain the means to enjoy life.

The fact that Tony lead an extensive oil giant in the country does not mean that success was merely passed to him. Anthony was never born with a silver spoon in his mouth like various great leaders in America. In fact, he did not have wealthy parents, a trust fund or world-class tutors. Anthony was brought up in an Italian dominated neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey.

In spite of plenty of challenges in Newark, the region is famous for a culture of honor and ethics. Here people do not merely make money, pay the bills and go home. However, the community members collaborate to ensure that all needs are well-taken care. Newark’s people value honesty and reward hard work, and the environment taught Tony Petrello to be a man of integrity and honesty.

Since childhood, Tony understood that there are no shortcuts to success. He would study academic textbooks each day soon after he learned to read. As a result, he mastered differential calculus and portrayed mathematical intelligence at an early age.

Even though Tony’s parents struggle to make ends meet, he studied hard each night to guarantee bright future for his family. He made good use of the scarce resources at his school to learn all he could learn about mathematics and logic.

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