AvaTrade Review – Why You Should Try This Broker

After being established in 2006, AvaTrade has gone on to have a reputation as one of the best forex and CFDs broker in the world today. It has expanded from its native country Ireland to have its operations established throughout the world in Asia, Australia, Europe, America and elsewhere in the world.

On average, about 200,00 traders use AvaTrade to trade in more than 250 financial assets. These assets include cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin in addition to regular assets like equities, commodities, bonds, market indices and EFTs.

The company offers round the clock award-winning trading services. And a multiplicity of trading platforms are also available to those using the broker. You can trade using the web interface, download the MT4 desktop platform, or enjoy mobile trading on your iOS or Android device. The company even provides a proprietary trading platform, the AvaTradeACT platform.

Why AvaTrade?
Good for All Traders
If you are a beginner who wants a hands-on experience of the forex world, then AvaTrade is the perfect broker for you. The site offers lots of information on what trading is all about; and this information is regularly updated to ensure it remains relevant.

But seasoned traders have something to gain from using the broker as well. For instance, there are webiners and tutorials on how to win like other trading gurus. In short, the company’s experience in the field of trading has certainly given it an edge when it comes to creating products that address the needs of every kind of trader.

No, AvaTrade is Not a Scam
The online forex brokerage world has had its fair share of scam brokers. So, traders have every reason to be concerned about losing their money to rogue brokers. However, AvaTrade is one of the most reliable brokers you can use at the moment. This reliability is underpinned by the fact the company answers to many respected regulatory authorities around the world.

To Sum Up
What’s not to like about AvaTrade? The company has been in existence for over a decade, and it has a reputation for providing reliable and high quality trading services to all its customers. The company is certainly worth a try if you need a trading partner that offers great global trading services; as this AvaTrade review clearly indicates.

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