Jed McCaleb wants to revolutionize payment with Stellar

Jed McCaleb is a well-known American-based programmer and a cryptocurrency expert with plenty of knowledge about blockchain technology and its inner workings. He spends a lot of his time planning and setting goals before he even begins to get to the actual work of whatever project he is focusing on. He knows that without solid strategies in place any company, endeavor, or entrepreneurial plan will crumble before it gets off of the ground. McCaleb also works very hard to eliminate distractions that can deter him from accomplishing what he sets out to get done. He is also a true believer of creating the best products possible for the people before marketing anything.


Jed McCaleb helped to co-found the company, Stellar, by joining Joyce Kim after realizing that there were some glaring glitches in the world’s financial system. He serves the company as its co-founder and CTO and heads up its technical development by creating computer coding and working with the technical team. Along with this, he works to answer the many questions that its customers have and seeks to strengthen the offerings of the company. While many other companies are focusing their efforts on getting on-board with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, McCaleb and Stellar are working to use the technology that makes bitcoin possible to transform the way that financial institutions are able to connect with each other today.


Jed McCaleb has made it is his life’s mission to help people who are unable to become bank customers to find a way to become so. The problem for most banks is that low-income people do not bring in enough money to the bank for them to justify the fees and other management expense costs they bring with them. Stellar and McCaleb are finding new ways to connect banking institutions online in order to lower their fees and costs. The way this is becoming possible is by connecting institutions together in a way that makes transferring money much cheaper than it ever has been. The unique thing about Stellar is the way that it allows a community outside of its own business to help run its community network. This ensures that its network is not administered by itself.

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