Joel Friant: From Foodie to Entreperenuer

In 1995 a man named Joel Friant made a discovery. So-called Habanero Shakers were filled with tons of additives and salt, and few actual flakes of Habanero. Having left the real estate industry, Friant had already made a name for himself as the “Thai Guy”. His Thai fast food concept was revolutionary, nothing else like it anywhere, but by the end of that same year he would develop something bigger.


Friant’s idea was to create shaker that contained real Habanero flakes and nothing more. Realizing that there was a large market for something like this, Joel traveled all over to find the best version of the pepper. His travels introduced to him a wide variety of Habanero peppers, all of which he used to create his shaker. The Habanero Shaker is 100% Habanero flakes. It contains no additives, and no salt. Back in ’95 this was a revolutionary concept, and its introduction led many other companies to develop products with 100% natural ingredients. Within the first years of the product’s introduction, Friant managed to expand his chain into several big grocery stores. The resulting success cemented Joel as a “foodpreneaur”.


Since then Joel has worn many hats. He formed a real-estate mortgage lending firm, developed many incredible business concepts, most notable among them the “Income Thermostat”. He has developed and branded numerous products, and even began to give back. Interested in helping others achieve success, Joel has also turned to the world of professional development. He now has many successful articles under his belt and hosts online seminars. Since 2008 Joel has followed trends in business, branching out to new opportunities like a true serial entrepreneur. Such diligence led to invest in Bitcoin early, train in online sales, and bring back his flagship product for the digital era.


The Habanero Shaker, which left the market for a time, was reintroduced in 2012 on various online markets. Since its reintroduction the product and Friant have garnered much attention. He may always be known as the Habanero guy, but to the business world he is a shining example of entrepreneurship.

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