The 4 Strategies That Have Made The Oxford Club So Successful

Entering into the investment world for the first time or even muddling through all the digital and print media information for even the most experienced investor can be as overwhelming and confusing as going into a giant supermarket without a list or knowing what you’re shopping for. That’s where the Oxford Club steps in with a helping hand.

Looking to fill a need and provide a resource for investors to be able to grow and protect their wealth through any market condition with the support of a network comprised of serious and knowledgeable investors around the globe that could help one another with tips, recommendations and sharing ideas.

Over 2 decades ago the Oxford Club was established as a global resource that has stood the test of time and continues to grow with a steady rate of success for its members throughout 130 countries and has over 157,000 members and counting.

The club has built success for its members on four basic ideas:

1) Have A Well Balanced Investment Diet:

More than just diversification that includes a whole bunch of different eggs, the club pursues a discipline of asset class diversification and low risk to high risk diversification as well.

2) Have Your Exit Strategy in Place:

The club always encourages members to know when to sell and have that exit strategy in places before making any purchases taking the guesswork out of investing.

3) Yes, Size Does Matter:

Positioning size that is. The Oxford Club recommends diversifying not only among asset class but to have an investment size of amount diversification system in place as well to keep balance in the portfolio and emotion out.

4) Cut Investment Cost:

By simply learning strategies and methods to avoid heavy front end front loaded costs and fees along with minimizing what the IRS can get their hands on you will naturally increase your investment growth by avoiding these two principle eating monsters. The larger the principle you have to grow the bigger your growth will be.

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