American Institute of Architects Builds Sterling Reputation of Excellence

     The American Institute of Architects built the status as the most illustrious organization that represents licensed architects in the construction and design sectors of the USA since 1875. The AIA Board designated Robert Ivy one of its distinguished fellows as the institution’s CEO and Executive Vice President in February 1, 2011.

Exemplary Organization in the United States

For more than one century, the AIA managed to take the lead in maintaining the lofty standards of architectural design and moral values in this esteemed profession. Members of the Institute committed their resources and efforts to spur growth in the industry. The American Institute of Architects offers education, outreach, and government backing in supporting the industry of architecture.

Robert Ivy will administer the AIA’s national headquarters in Washington (District of Columbia). This office employs 206 employees and a yearly budget of $56 million. He will concentrate on the matters of design as well as practice within the AIA. The chief executive officer also steers the AIA in demonstrating the significance of design and promotes public knowledge of architecture and architects.

Mr. Ivy will work with more than 300 chapters both in the United States and abroad to provide the necessary support for all AIA members. This Fellow of the American Institute of Architects or FAIA became a prominent figure in modern architecture. He holds the position of Editor-in-Chief for Architectural Record ever since 1996.


Splendid Track Record

Robert Ivy serves as Vice President as well as Editorial Director for a leading construction company, McGraw-Hill. He used to work with Ivy Architects as a principal and managing partner of Dean, Dale, Dean, and Ivy for almost 14 years before assuming executive positions in the corporate echelons. The AIA EVP and CEO received numerous accolades for his noteworthy performance. The awards include the 2009 Crane Award, the number one honor of the American Business Media for significant lifetime role in business media. In 2010, the architectural fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi acknowledged Mr. Ivy as a Master Architect for effectively imparting the essence of design to the younger generation of architects.

The distinguished architect championed the cause of this profession on crucial issues including social, environmental, and political. Former AIA presidents said Robert’s appointment brings corporate leadership and expertise to the Institute. He obtained the Bachelor of Arts degree from Tennessee’s University of the South and Master’s program for Architecture at Tulane University in Louisiana.


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