Dr. Clay Siegall & The Neverending Fight Against Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegall is more than a name, but more so he’s a movement. The talented doctor/scientist has an extended resume of success thanks to his ability to save lives. While at the University of Maryland, Siegall attained a B.S. in Zoology. In addition to that, while studying at George Washington University, he would attain a Ph.D in Genetics. Before the inception of Seattle Genetics, his cancer research institution, Siegall worked with the National Institute of Health between the years of 1988 – 1991. Between the years of 1991 – 1997, he would get a chance to work with the National Cancer Institute as well as work with Bristol Myers Squibb. As you can see, this man has worked throughout the medical industry.

Siegall’s ability to understand cancer research comes from his strong principles. These principles are rather old school, but they’re tried-and-true measures. Rigorous research, drug development and scientific innovation. He is a firm believer of putting in hard work as well as effort. This hard work and effort has come in handy, especially in Seattle Genetics’ beginning stage. The biotech company was experiencing “the red.” If you’re a novice to this exclusive term, then just know that “the red” isn’t a good thing. If you’re in this zone, then you’re definitely at a deficient. By implementing a resourceful sales staff, the company was headed back to “the black,” which is a great thing. By closing many large deals of up to seven and eight-figures, Seattle Genetics became a huge earner of capital.

Siegall does a bit of blogging in his free time. He touches a wide range of topics during this time whether it’s politics, or it’s for current events. Fundraising has provided Seattle Genetics with extra income that goes right back into its many programs. Thanks to Dr. Clay Siegall, cancer patients have a much higher success-rate for beating this debilitating illness.

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