Sujit Choudhry Interviewed By CEO/CFO Magazine

Recently the renowned legal scholar and political activist, Sujit Choudhry, sat down with with CEOCFO Magazine to discuss The Center for Constitutional Transitions. The first topic concerned the Center for Constitutional Transitions itself, as it was the brain child of none other than Mr. Choudhry himself. Mr Choudhry explained that the purpose of the Center for Constitutional Transitions was to collect, aggregate, generate and export as much useful information as possible concerning constitutional law and their implementation all around the world. The information created and organized by the organization is geared primarily towards politicians, policy analysts and global networking organizations planning for the future of democratic development.

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Next the topic of conversation turned to the origins of The Center itself and why Mr. Choudhry found it prudent to found it to begin with. Sujit Choudhry replied that, for numerous years he had worked with various agencies and governments, advising them on constitutional governance and policy implementations. This work entailed drafting new constitutions and amending older, existing ones to make them more compatible with the changing global infrastructure and the needs of that governments peoples. As such, numerous problems arose surrounding insufficient knowledge and the inability to adapt older policies to new and important changes, both locally and globally, to meet these challenges, Choudhry established Center for Constitutional Transitions so that it would be easier to gather, produce and export highly important information concerning the latest advancements and developments in the world of constitutional transitions.

Upon being next asked about the increasing interest in constitutional governance worldwide as a growing trend, CEO/CFO asked Choudhry what his thoughts were on the subject. Mr. Choudhry replied that he was highly interested in contributing to the field of constitutional studies and had been doing so for many years in the capacity of a academic in the area of comparative constitution law. Choudhry went on to state that the world was undergoing substantial and groundbreaking changes and considered the present obstacles facing liberal democracy to be the greatest since the Second World War.

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