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The situation in Israel was tense after the UN signed a Geneva accord easing sanctions on Iran in exchange for inspectors to be allowed into the country. Daniel Taub, the Ambassador to the UK from Israel, believes the agreement will do very little, possibly nothing, to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability and also exercising it in the relatively near future.

While the Western sponsors of the bill insist that it’s a huge stepping stone for diplomacy for the Islamic State, those in Israel highly disagree and insist the UN will be at fault if they are attacked by Iran using nuclear weapons while this accord is supposed to be in effect.

Daniel Taub insists that the agreement does not do enough to keep Israel and the surrounding countries safe from Iran as it is incomplete and does not completely remove their ability to develop a nuclear program.

While the sanction may include a limit to how enriched the Uranium the country possesses is and require them to dilute any current stock above five percent, it does not forcibly remove the equipment that was obtained by Iran that can easily enrich the lower percentage Uranium to weapons-grade level with relative ease. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

This equipment includes a large centrifuge that he insists could be up and running right after the deal was signed making it so the percentage sanctions mean nothing.

There was a heavy focus on the levels of uranium enrichment before the accord was signed and Daniel Taub believes the sanctions on percentages are almost useless unless that equipment is removed.

The situation in Iran is creating new partnerships and allies between Middle Eastern countries who were very recently hostile to each other, according to Daniel Taub. While these countries and territories may have many cultural differences, there is a very strong desire amongst them all not to be involved in a nuclear attack or even all-out nuclear war because of the actions of Iran.

Despite the long-standing rift between Israel and Sunni countries, Daniel Taub is extending a hand of cooperation with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States for the overall safety of the Middle East.

Even with the turmoil, the country is facing over their occupation of certain areas of Palestine, Israel is not alone with their concern over Iran and countries that were unwilling to communicate just five years prior are entering into discussions to ensure their safety.

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