OSI food group is an organization that processes, provides and supplies food solutions for the food industry across the globe. It is a private organization that is located in Illinois. Some of the products that OSI provides include; beef, poultry and pork, the company also produces vegetables, fruits and even seafood.

The organization was established in the year 1990 and its facilities are located in America, Europe and Asia. The company is top in provision and supply of food products and it has been of reliance to food restaurants and hotels, the business has very many resources and it is growing tremendously and coming up with greater innovations and is constantly employing new stuff members. In the meat processing sector, OSI provides for both raw and cooked meat and the company has been known to provide high quality products.

Due to high demand of chicken products in some of the OSI facilities, the company has been extended and in turn led to expansion of its operations. The expansion has been in terms of space, oil, nitrogen tanks, refrigerators, water storage containers, security facilities, among others. This has benefited the members of the society in that it has led to creation of new employment.

The extensions in room has included in creation of more space for purposes such as shipping, receiving areas, new production halls, storage space for new and more facilities, more refrigeration rooms, working areas and social areas for the new employees and also development of new kitchens.

The expansion of the company has led to its production capacity and increased output and service management for the company s esteemed customers and clients.

The Flagship Europe which is a limited company that does research and investigates on company information to examine on executives and latest company news, joined with the OSI Group to make position in the marketplace strong. It will also improve their position in the industry to be able to reach their customers more conveniently to serve their clients and serve them I a better way.

The way the company has been committed and showed devotion towards agricultural development, the creation of employment and also to the conservation of sustainability has made the company to be recognised and receive awards from organisations such the Local Chambers of Commerce capability.

OSI group has also purchased other companies such as Tyson Food Plant and Baho Plant and won the 2016 Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council.


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