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Clayton Huston has a long and distinguished career in the music industry. He currently runs a business that provides services for musicians. After years of employment as an audio engineer, and production manager, he decided to go into business for himself. His firm is a multi-dimensional company that designs, manages and produces concerts. His clientele is made up of a long list of established rockers like Pink and Guns n Roses.


After a number of shows, Huston took some time to sit down with The Bro Talk to talk about his foray into the music business.


Hutson says he decided to start his own business because his previous jobs helped hone his marketable skills. He says it was the perfect time to get it off the ground because the opportunity might not have presented itself again. “I took a lot of risks, but they paid off handsomely.”


Hutson has a certain vision when it comes to his work. He says he has a knack for taking what started out as little more than a pipe dream and see it through to something real. Attracting new clients is part of the business, according to Hutson. “Once you do great work, word gets around. After a few successful concerts, My phone was constantly ringing off the hook.”


Most people who have worked with Hutson marvel at his work ethic. He says he leaves nothing to chance. “You have to have a level of professionalism. I double-check and triple-check my work.” Hutson says that any type of mistakes could potentially damage your reputation for life. You have to be prepared and make sure your equipment and staff are always ready for anything.


Huston says the new technology is very exciting. It also keeps his work fresh and innovative. The giant video walls have really brought a lot of benefits to concerts. “People like Lady Gaga and pink utilize them to the fullest.” Additionally, stunts are more eye-catching. Some concerts are looking more like David Copperfield event, according to Hutson.


“I have learned a lot about the industry. I’ve made a few mistakes, but nothing that I couldn’t bounce back from.” Learn more:

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