Bruno Fagali — The Case Against Photoshop for Teens

     Bruno Fagali is a human rights activist and ethical lawyer. He has represented many customers who have had their rights infringed upon by large enterprises. He brings litigation to the desk that creates fairness and equality in the atmosphere for all people who are engaging in the proceedings. His strong feeling of social duty is a part of what makes him a superb lawyer and he is one who can hardly ever be beaten. If you look at his history you will be impressed by his quantity of victories. One of his essential combatants has been the marketing industry. Businesses in this enterprise have engaged in practices which are harmful to humanity for a long time. They were allowed to lie and misrepresent what they may be selling to the public. This is unacceptable to Bruno Fagali. He has enlisted the help of his formidable law firm and taken up cases which expose the practices that he is working to prevent.

The most dubious practice that marketing businesses engage in is Photoshopping their models. This exercise has been happening for a while now and it’s extraordinarily dangerous to young women and adolescents. Once they see these models with unrealistic proportions they are forced to wonder what they might appear like in the event that they dieted. The thoughts that run through their minds become cancerous and cause them to starve themselves in anorexia or vomit in bulimia. This practice is dangerous and it must be stopped.

Governments have taken charge of this phenomenon and have taken steps to change it. They have added rules to force ad agencies to expose any enhancements they may be using – a perfect example is Photoshop. This “Photoshop Alert” will be the principle point that stops corporations from misleading consumers with their merchandise. If an employer is caught using Photoshop and does not use the alert, they may be forced to pay fines and face steep penalties.

Brazil is set to be the next country after France and a few others to put into effect this Photoshop Alert since lots of teenagers suffer from anorexia and bulimia due to unrealistic body expectancies.

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