Peter Briger Has Become A Titan In The World Of Finance

There is no doubt Peter Briger has become a titan for the role he has played in the world of finance. His status as a worldwide business professional has placed him on the Forbes top 400 list. The Fortress Investment Group is served by Peter Briger as their Co-Chairman and President. He was previously one of Goldman Sachs partners and was partially responsible for Fortress going public. Peter Briger was with Goldman Sachs for fifteen years before his decision in 2002 to join Fortress. His current responsibilities at Fortress include heading the credit fund and real estate business divisions for the company. His main concerns are with distressed debt and illiquid investments.

Peter Briger was armed with an excellent education. He attended the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University. He earned both a Bachelor’s Degree and an MBA. His professional career began to gain momentum when he accepted various leadership, management and operational roles at Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger is a dedicated and skilled professional with a lot of experience acquired during his tenure in the banking industry. He has developed and honed specific skills for real estate, trading, loans, distressed debt and foreign investments. His business skills and financial acumen combined enabled him to become a partner in banking sector prior to joining Fortress in 2002 as the company’s CEO.

Peter Briger acquired a lot of knowledge during the time he spent with Goldman Sachs enabling him to bring Fortress to new and fantastic heights. He has also received most of the credit for Fortress becoming one of the United States first alternative investment businesses to go public. Fortress has grown into an investment management company with more than $65 billion entrusted to their capabilities. Fortress caters to both private and institutional investors. The company has numerous divisions enabling Peter Briger to hold a distinguished position with Fortress. He assists in the conversion of distressed finances into cash. His role has become even more prominent due to the worldwide economic crises and the aid he provides debt ridden foreign markets for raising capital.

Peter Briger is much more than an exceptional leader. His additional professional commitments include serving numerous organizations and institutions as a member of the board and his philanthropic efforts are currently active. Peter Briger has helped conserve and maintain New York’s Central Park with investments totaling over $600 million. He is also concerned with social causes including quality education for children in poor demographics and has helped alleviate poverty.

Peter Briger remains unparalleled in his role in finances and investments across the globe. His contributions to Fortress have enabled him to attain billionaire status and rise to even greater heights. Despite this Peter Briger still works and leads both Fortress and their investors to raise capital to help nations ridden with debt in the current economic scenario. At the age of only 51 Peter Briger has become a titan of finance, a philanthropist, a business professional and a respected expert in his industry.

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