Chris Burch Has Great Advice On Acquiring Startup Capital:

Chris Burch recently provided some valuable insight into the world of acquiring capital in order to get a venture going. He points out that in business, there is one thing that will never change. This is the fact that businesses will always need more money. It is often true that when you don’t think you need additional capital, this is actually when you might need it the most. Chris’s main point is that the best thing you can have during the early going of a business venture is too much capital. Keeping a tight budget is often considered common knowledge when starting out, but a startup business owner has to remember you can only do so much on a tight budget. You will have to eventually spend money in order to turn a profit.

Chris recommends to not make your valuation the be all and end all. These do matter but a young startups valuation will probably be overly tight, to begin with. He recommends that you make your business look attractive, find things you can do better than your competition. Also, remember to do your homework. Take your time and keep track of every detail that a VC could possibly want to see. You want them to say yes to your startup. Work to fix your weak points so that you make it easy for them to become a believer in what you are doing. If you have issues with organization, find someone to assist you in this. Above all, don’t make excuses. Chris also recommends that you be “brutally honest” regarding your performance and that of the company. Potential investors are going to be brutally honest so your best bet is for you to be as well.

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Chris Burch has had a highly successful entrepreneurial career that extends back to 1976. He currently serves as Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. The company manages venture investments as well as working on brand development. Burch Creative Capital is based in New York City.

Chris got his start in business in the fashion industry back in 1976 and built a multi-million dollar company. He has also worked as an investor in the real estate industry and worked in film.

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