Christopher Burch tips on winning investors

Christopher Burch tips on winning investors

Christopher Burch, also known as Chris Burch is the CEO and founder of Burch creative capital. As an undergraduate, Chris Burch together with his brother, Bob started Eagles Eye apparel in 1976, a company which they later sold after it had grown to a tune of $165 million. Being an entrepreneur and active investor in different industries, Christopher Burch has made significant contributions towards the development of multiple brands in technology and luxury brands ( He also held membership positions at the Guggenheim Capital and The Continuum Group.

According to Christopher Burch, the difference between the two types of investors is that a venture capitalist will be willing to give more cash as an investment whereas the angel investors are willing to give free funding. He adds that the angel investors are much easier to convince.

Burch gives a couple of tips for a startup company to get funding from investors.

First, he encourages that one should always keep things relatively simple. Here, since investors are busy people, one has a very short time of their attention. Therefore, they should be direct to the point when presenting ideas. After winning them is when one can give finer details about the venture. Secondly, he advises that one should not let setbacks affect their vision. Since not all people would like a given idea, many investors tend to reject a business model in the protection of their money. He adds that it’s important for one not to waste time on people as sometimes even the angel investors are not ready to invest in a given business idea. In some cases, the investors perceived to be potential might not be as serious as thought to be.

Christopher Burch further says that it is fine for one not to have all the answers. He adds that it is much better to say one does not know an answer than to try making up things as it might lead to loss of potential investors. Also, he says that one should not use fancy buzzwords to sell their business. This is because investors might get confused by the extraneous phrases which one uses trying to sound like they know their stuff very well.

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