Chris Burch: An Impressive Record of Business Success

For serial entrepreneur and co-owner of Nihiwatu Hotel and Resort, Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has had an impressive record of business success.

As a serial entrepreneur and astute businessman, Chris Burch has a lot of experience working with clients, and stakeholders so they can use working capital to its fullest. Mr. Burch got a start in entrepreneurship while an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. He decided to invest $2 thousand dollars with Bob Burch, his brother, on a clothing business. Chris Burch co-founded Eagle Eye Clothing line with his brother — their company was sold years later for approximately $60 million dollars to the Squire group.

Chris Burch has had an impressive business career that spans 40 plus years. Burch has worked with 50 plus companies as an investor as well as in the role of entrepreneur. Burch has worked with some of these companies to reach the apex of their business life. Chris Burch is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Burch Creative Capital, a company with a philosophy of investing that emphasizes a melding of creativity with productivity. Chris Burch brings a mix of intuitiveness and a keen understanding of consumer behavior, which has helped his company succeed on many project and business ventures. Burch also knows the minutiae involved with direct sourcing and international sourcing.

Chris Burch and South-African born entrepreneur, James McBride, decided to invest $30 million to rebuild the Nihiwatu hostel from the ground up. The Nihiwatu property was once owned by Claude and Petra Graves — a couple from New Jersey — who bought the Indonesian property in 1989. After three years of renovations to Nihiwatu, they reopened it as a stunning and exquisite hotel. Nihiwatu, which means, “mortar stone,” received many awards in 2016 and 2017 from the magazine, Travel + Leisure. The Nihiwatu hotel and resort changed its name to Nihi Sumba just recently.

In addition to the Nihiwatu (Nihi Sumba) hotel, Burch Creative Capital works with a good mix of brands and clients like C. Wonder, ED by Ellen Degeneres, Cocoon9, Voss Water, Tory Burch, and Poppin.  Read more on

In terms of philanthropic efforts, Burch supports the local community that lives and works on Nihiwatu (Nihi Sumba). Chris Burch decided on Nihiwatu because he wanted this hotel to become a destination that Burch and his family could enjoy. Burch made a heartfelt decision to create The Sumba Foundation. This foundation is a non-profit, which delivers a part of Nihi Sumba’s proceeds back to the Indonesian locals who work for Chris Burch at Nihi Sumba, visit

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