Tony Petrello’s Prolific Contribution To Philanthropy

The most potent legacy philanthropists can leave behind is touching the lives of their neighborhood knowing that resources are best spent in supporting others. Tony Petrello is an outspoken philanthropist after his massive contribution along with his career path.

He, for six years now, has been the CEO of the Nabors Industry. He graduated from Yale University in 1976 and Harvard Law School in 1979. Mr. Anthony Petrello is famous for contributing philanthropically to activities which open a new way of looking at him.

How Tony Petrello and Nabors Industry Helped Houston with Hurricane Harvey Relief

A good company must not only draw profit but also respond to the community and its employees at the hour of need. When Houston and the surrounding fell to Hurricane Harvey Tony allowed the employees to take time off to give relief assistance to wherever they were needed. The employees were offered paid time off in appreciation as they were sent to a different location along the Gulf Coast. Through Nabors Disaster Relief Fund, -hands-on relief efforts were founded. Nabors, soaring higher, set up on site kitchen that offered free meals to the locals at least three times each day.

Tony hosting Broadway Celebrity Tommy Tune

A while ago, Tommy Tune as he was returning to Houston, his hometown was sponsored by Anthony Petrello, this was worthy to remember especially after a colorful welcoming warmed by a significant number of attendants. Tommy equally quenched his thirsting fans by a remarkable show that cemented the occasion into the memories.

Tony’s donations to Texas Children’s Hospital

$5 million contributions by Petrello and his wife was announced to the Texas Children’s Hospital’s Neurological Research Institute. The duo is set for an additional grant of $2 million to the hospital in the future. The donation is objected to assisting children to get quality treatment against neurological disorders from best doctors and surgeons globally.This was heartfelt as they have an eight-year-old surviving periventricular leukomalacia (PVL after a shortage of blood flow in her brain at infancy. Their vow is never to give up on finding a cure for neurological disorders which is the ultimate goal of the Neurological Research Institute. Tony and the wife are curtained that this must occur at some point in the lifetime of their daughter.

The Overview

Overall, Tony Petrello is an admired business leader and a role model to others. He uses his position in the company to empower his community.

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