OSI Food Solutions: Increasing The Chicken Meat Production For Spain And Portugal

OSI Food Solutions is a direct subsidiary of the OSI Industries, the largest meat and protein product manufacturers in the world. The subsidiary was established in Spain, and their direct market is focused on serving the Spanish and the Portuguese people. Recently, the OSI Food Solutions presented their newly built facility in Toledo, Spain. This facility consists of a new production line that would increase the production of chicken meat each year. This investment by the OSI Food Solutions costs around 17 million euros, and it was completed during the first quarter of 2018. The OSI Food Solutions is hoping that the creation of a high speed production line would meet the increasing demand for chicken meat in Spain and Portugal, and the company is also hoping that it would allow their revenue to increase.

During the first weeks of the plant’s opening, the OSI Food Solutions proudly presented the results and claimed that for this year alone, the facility they opened could produce more than 24,000 tons of livestock meat. In comparison, the usual amount of meat produced by the OSI Food Solutions in the past is around 12,000 per year. According to the OSI Food Solutions, their will to create the high speed facility came from the plea of the people and the government of the two Iberian countries, and they wanted to help them in providing their rising demand for chicken meat. After the creation of the high-speed production line, the OSI Food Solutions also encouraged the local people of Toledo, Spain to join them and apply for the newly opened jobs at the facility.

According to official documents, the rate of growth for the demand of chicken meat in Spain and Portugal continues to climb at 6% to 8% a year. OSI Food Solutions stated that they would be doing their best and they will try to supply what Spain and Portugal needs. The creation of the high-speed production line is one of the visions of the OSI Food Solutions, and they are stating that it is the future of the food processing technology. Back at the headquarters, the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Industries is happy knowing that their satellite office in Toledo, Spain managed to create a high-speed production line. He stated that it would help encourage people overseas to become loyal customers of products from the company. OSI Industries has been in the process of expanding, and they believe that by providing what the people wanted, the company can create a new emerging market.

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