The Feisty Fighter Enters A Better Banking Class

A feisty financial fighter by the name of Nexbank Capital, pride of Dallas, has made some strong financial waves in the banking community. In 2016, around June this financial powerhouse manage to raise $24 million in common equity capital. Nexbank stated that the purpose for the capital raise was for general corporate purposes and they were happy for the overwhelming support from their share holders and it is a win for all. The capital raise would help to ensure new development opportunities and ongoing growth for the financial institution.

Nexbank managed to get 38.1 million with a return on equity in average equity of 37.6 percent. This Dallas, darling bank managed to maintain an increase of 61 percent year-over-year and 49 percent. Thus, topping things off with total assets flowing over $3.5 billion with total deposits leaping to a whopping $2.6 billion June 30, 2016. Not bad having approximately $2.5 billion at the end of a second quarter, thus equating the total bank assets to be around 72 percent. Not to mention that Nexbank managed to keep themselves at a high capitalized level (9.44% Tier 1 ratio) with a total 12.98 percent risk-based ratio.

What makes Nexbank a great financial institution is that it’s power base is built on a foundation of them being a triple threat in the financial competition game. Nexbank is strong in Investment Banking, Commercial Banking and Mortgage Banking and they plan on increasing their place within the financial community. In order for next bank to get a better foot hold in becoming a preferred choice as a wholesale lender, they plan to streamline their accessibility to the financial market place. Nexbank will offer services such as a web-based product, price and scenario search engine. In addition, they will offer a Texas-based operation center, a paperless fully automated fast, efficient loan underwriting. Also, Nexbank will offer a knowledgeable staff of wholesale lending professionals who are more than capable of handling their clients needs. It’s the going beyond of what’s expected, paired with anticipating their clients needs is what will set Nexbank in a better class than most financial institutions.

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