Aloha Construction Giving Back to The Community

Each year, different branches of the Better Business Bureau(BBB) host an awards dinner in order to honor different business that have achieved great levels of success. One of the prestigious awards that they give out is the Torch Award for Ethics. In 2017 the panel of judges for the Illinois division of the BBB chose Aloha Construction to bestow the honor upon.

Aloha Construction is a Lake Zurich based construction company, but they have had the honor of completing jobs all across the state of Illinois. The company specializes in roofing, but they are able to complete just about any construction job that they are asked to do. From roofs to gutter systems and from addressing basement drainage issues to competing total remodel projects, Aloha Construction is able to do it all.

When someone contact the offices of the company, they are always given personalized treatment and their requests are dealt with in a prompt manner. If the customer wishes to get more information about a job that they want completed, then the company will most likely offer a free evaluation of what the customer wants to see happen and will provide a free estimate in writing of what the estimate cost for the project will be. Excellent customer care is one reason why they were awarded with the Torch Award.

In addition to giving their customers great treatment, it is also known that Aloha Construction also gives back to the community. The managers of the company worked with the local boys and girls club to give the children a fun trip to the hockey game, and the company sponsored it. The company is also known to sponsor athletes in certain sports events.

The company has strived to solidify its place in the construction world and to put their name out into the community and they have been able to successfully complete their mission. The Torch Award for Ethics could not have been given to a more deserving company Aloha Construction works to not only create a successful and well run business, but believes in giving just as much back to the community that it serves.–147077274/pp

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  1. Alondra Kolton says:

    Revision of the work of Aloha is a great one for students and enthusiast as well since they can find practical knowledge easily as it has been. for years has been doing quite fantastic works that shows that there is need for help from all sides. Also there are making in the industry that shows top management needs while seeing the future of the constructions companies.

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