Luiz Carlos Trabuco Asked To Perform Two Roles Within Bradesco For A Short Period Of Time

Even though Bradesco stands as the number one private bank in Brazil, the fact is that the company was not always at this prestigious position. A few years ago, the company witnessed a slight downfall as a result of the market changes, resulting in the company dropping to the second position within the industry.

During this time, Bradesco decided to bring along Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to take over the position of President of the company. Trabuco had been an essential part of the development that Bradesco was seeing. He knew that the company would have to incur a number of changes if it wanted to improve its standing and the services that were being provided. Reaching the number one position once again was vital, and it was up to Trabuco to guide the path for the company to follow.

One of the first areas that Trabuco decided to focus on was in the area of territorial expansion. Based on the knowledge that Trabuco had about the company, he knew that Bradesco would only be able to grow if it increased the accessibility that people have to its banks. With this plan of action in mind, Bradesco embarked on an expansion that proved to be incredibly beneficial to the company. Over time, Bradesco grew, and more people all over Brazil were choosing this over other options.

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The contribution that Trabuco has had to Bradesco has been so prominent that he started to be considered as an incredibly important name in the field of banking. Because of this contribution, he was always seen as the prime choice to take up other notable positions within the company. This opportunity was presented to Trabuco when the previous chairman of Bradesco decided to retire from the position that he was holding. The person who previously served in this position had been doing so for over twenty-five years according to This put an incredible amount of pressure on Trabuco, who nevertheless, was able to take on this position and perform it with ease. The reason he was given this position was that of the immense faith that the board of directors had in him and his ability to lead the company.

The announcement for the retirement of the previous chairman of the company was made in October 2017, and a month later, Trabuco was asked to take over. However, it would be hard for him to perform both the role of the chairman and president of the company, which is why the board then had to embark on a plan to find the next president of the company. However, there was a period during which the company would have to function without a leader, which is why Trabuco was asked to perform both roles at the same time. This was of course only a temporary arrangement that the company would have to go through and was something that was needed until the new president was elected.

As of March 2018, the new President of Bradesco has taken over, and Trabuco is now able to focus his efforts entirely on being the chairman of Bradesco.

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