Sahm Adrangi criticism about Kerrisdale capital

Kerrisdale capital is a private investment company that focuses on the long-term value investments. It was started some few years back by its co-founder Sahm Adrangi who is a very recognized entrepreneur in the United States.

Recently, Sahm Adrangi released a negative report about Kerrisdale capital saying that the company is in a position to fail by not paying its shareholders any benefits because of o the losses or the negative cash flows they have been experiencing. He says that these laws in the company have been caused by various reasons that have greatly affected its operation.

One of the reasons why Sahm Adrangi issues a negative report about Kerrisdale capital is because the board of directors of the company issues themselves with some fixed stocks the before the KODAKOne was launched. This act is regarded as illegal according to Sahm Adrangi, and it will lead to the failure o the company if much attention is not given to the company’s operation. He adds to this by saying that the act created a lot of suspicions that may lead to a decrease in the number of investors who might be willing to invest in the company. The name of the business matters a lot when it comes to its marketing, and they have already spoilt it.

Kerrisdale have tried to create some partnerships with other companies to try and see if the partnerships can help rebuild the name of the company and boost the profits. But according to the manager’s negative report, he says that even if the company announces the partnerships to the shareholders and other investors, they will not be in a position to be any better since the damage is already too high that it is hard and difficult to recover.

Sahm Adrangi is a very experienced, skilled and credible person in his career. He has a bachelors degree from Yale University, and he has been in a position to work in a significant number of investment companies among others. His criticism about Kerrisdale Capital is something the whole management of the Kerrisdale capital should take into consideration for it to experience better returns on their investment.

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