Former Marine Ronald Fowlkes Talks About His Passion For Hockey

Having been a marine and SWAT team leader in the past, Ronald Fowlkes says that in order to relax he supports the community. This includes serving as a mentor while doing something he has a passion for. One way he gives back is by volunteering his time for his son’s hockey team, the St. Louis Blues which are a Triple-A team. He provides training to the members of this team off the ice and he is also the equipment manager. He says he has always been a big fan of hockey and is the number one sport he has a passion about. That he gets to be in the world of hockey while supporting young players is something he very much enjoys.

One of the things that Ronald Fowlkes talks to the players about his how important it is to take care of their gear and maintaining it very well. The gear is very protective in nature and gear that hasn’t been properly maintained could fail and a player could get injured. He has said that gear in great condition can also make the difference between the team winning a game and losing it. He has added that his son’s room continues to be a mess at home but at least his hockey gear is always put away properly after practices and games.

It was after high school that Ronald Fowlkes served in the Marine Crop. After serving for four years he moved to St. Louis and joined the St. Louis County Police Department. After three years there he joined the the city of St. Louis’ police department. His background led to him joining the SWAT team and before too long he was a leader of it. During the next 13 years he says he went on more than 250 high-risk missions which involved hostages having been taken. When serving on regular duty he says he often went into very dangerous neighborhoods while doing investigations into issues such as illegal guns possession by convicted felons, illegal drug trafficking, and similar crimes.

For a number of years now Ronald Fowlkes has been working for Eagle Industries Unlimited, Inc. He is one of their business development managers and he oversees the sales of their products to law enforcement agencies and the general public. His department has more than 150 salespeople which he manages, as well as their support staff. His company has been in business for over 30 years and their products are used for both security and sporting purposes. He says that law enforcement and military personnel really appreciate just how high-quality their gear is. Sportsman also like their gear and buy their optics, reloading, and other sports shooting gear and accessories.

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