The Future Of Wholesale Foodservices: OSI Industries

OSI industries, a global-foodservice supplier, has been on a mission since its inception in 1909. This company has truly come from humble beginnings, but it has transformed into a worldwide phenomenon. Its growth has come from multiple avenues, and it creates a dynamic work experience for its ambitious employees. OSI Industries creates more than jobs, but rather it creates careers. The diversity here is extensive and is exclusive. Learning and growing to your full potential can be achieved and obtained from a variety of positions. OSI seeks innovative solutions because every person that works here truly makes a difference.

Growth, growth and more growth. OSI Industries has a dominating presence much more so than other food suppliers. The company has facilities in strategic locations. This helps to improve on the logistical aspect of business. Clients will receive their food products at a more efficient rate. OSI has an estimated 10 innovative facilities in China alone. It is one of the major reasons to why the nation of China has a strong economy. Besides the 10 facilities, the company has been conducting business here for over 20 years. OSI Industries has created joint-ventures with other companies like DOYOU Group and Zhoukou. “China is the largest growing consumer market in the world, and it is a real focus of ours,” said David McDonald, president of OSI. On the other hand, the company is the biggest producer of poultry in China. In China’s Shandong Province, OSI has built one of the area’s largest feed mills, which can handle an estimated 600,000 metric-tons of feed on an annual basis.

Of course, none of this success has come by chance. President David McDonald has done a wonderful job with the day to day operations and Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin adds an addition 30 years of experience.

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