Whitney Wolfe Gets Slammed By Others

     Whitney Wolfe just wants her company to thrive. She doesn’t want to steal ideas from other businesses and she doesn’t want to be controversial. Her biggest need is helping women make valuable connections without the worry of unsolicited pictures or other problems from men who think they can talk to women however they want. They make a point of giving people the chance to do things the right way and that’s how they do their business. They’ve always planned on helping people through the most important parts of the company and that’s what they do to allow others a chance at success.

For Whitney Wolfe, the point of giving back is helping women know they can get more from a dating app. They don’t have to rely on sites like Tinder. Since she’s marketing this benefit, Tinder doesn’t like it. Now, they’re going after her for trying to copy a business practice they thought they started. She knew there were things she wanted to do differently from Tinder and that’s what pushed her to start Bumble. As long as Whitney Wolfe knew there was a chance she could do more, she felt comfortable with the options that were available to her.

Even though some people see the differences in the businesses, the Match group sees it as a problem. They don’t want Whitney Wolfe to grow her business or see any type of success. In fact, they want to stop her from doing anything that would allow her to grow Bumble. Since she came from their group, they felt they owned all the work and ideas she had. It was her way of making sure she could start something new, but the Match Group didn’t see it that way.

Once they realized who she was and what she was doing, they wanted to stop it. They don’t really think she stole their ideas. Instead, they’re just jealous of her success. They want it for themselves and want her to come back to the company. If she fails at her own company, there will be a chance she could come back to the Match Group. Since they liked how hard she worked, they feel she’d be a great asset there when they switch to different things they have for her to do. It is their way of making sure people see her for what she’s worth. The Match Group doesn’t like people who know their own value.


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