The Success Of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is a role model for lots of females due to her enthusiasm towards the growth and development of the dating app. At her 20s she has been able to deliver great in her career, and that has led her to be the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of the Bumble. The app has a lot of users since it is over 20 million and she is making sure that all the users can use the app and get what they need. Most important aspect is that she has encouraged a lot of women to take their first move through the use of that dating app.

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There is a lot that Whitney Wolfe has gone through his life most been harassment from her bosses and ex-boyfriend that has motivated her towards the establishment of her site so that she can be able to fight back for the rights of the women that are discriminated. Through her Bumble company, she can create a significant competition to Tinder which is the immediate dating company that competes with hers.

Before he established his own company, Whitney Wolfe participated in different activities such as helping the wildlife to raise funds by selling bamboo bags. Also, she worked at various orphanages and children homes as a volunteer. That was a sense of philanthropic since she was giving back to the society before she could focus on her career and passion in life. By working with various firms and organizations prepared her well to achieve her goals that are evident in her dating Bumble app.

The bumble keeps growing due to the increased demand from the customers and the Bumble BFF that majorly concentrates on finding new friendships makes most of the customers and users to interact and get linked to their preferred friends. Also, the Bumble BIZ is significant since it helping business persons to increase the connections and networking so that they can be able to venture well in the market sector.

The most significant concern of Whitney is to ensure that the Bumble app is positively impacting the users and become successful. Whitney Wolfe went to the Southern Methodist University where she earned her degree. She is married to Michael Herd who is a restaurateur a great business person. Furthermore, the life of Wolfe had a lot of hardship, but due to her passion and attitudes towards her goals, she has been able to endure.

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