Hospitality Seems To Be The Brandy Venture of Chris Burch

Having been involved in founding and co-founding several retail businesses, this indomitable businessman and entrepreneur Mr. Chris Burch seems to be changing sails and the direction of the market wind has pushed him to hospitality. He is well known to be after certain brands like Jawbone, Voss Water, and Faena Hotel & Universe among others ( The Billionaire being born in Pennsylvania studied at New Hampshire’s Tilton pre-school. Later Chris and his brother joined Ithaca College and started Eagle Eye Company with $2,000 in 1976 and later sold it to Swire Group for $68 million in 1998.

In the year 2015, this fashion mogul ventured into the most uncommon business he has ever done and invested 30 million in renovating and rehabilitating once a surf destination, Nihiwatu found in one of the remotest and uninhabited islands across Indonesia called Sumba. The island which was previously known as Sandalwood was discovered in the 16th century by certain Portuguese explorers but later abandoned due to the hostile headhunters/ warriors and consequently lack of natural resources.



Because of not being tampered with, Sumba Island turned to have one of the most beautiful beaches and coasts. In the 1980s some surfers enjoyed the high waves in the place and the only resort in the place was Nihiwatu which means mortar stone. Claude and Petra Graves who were in search of perfect waves landed the place in 1988 and they started the engine of development by building Nihiwatu resort which now has become Nihi Sumba Island under Chris Burch and become the best travel and leisure destination in the world.

Mr. Chris and his New York friend Mc Bride visited Sumba after they heard that Claude was seeking support in expanding the resort. At the sight of the beach, they were kind of confused seeing its beauty but much undeveloped. After taking his 3 sons who are surfers, he decided to purchase the resort. Since then, the resort has occupied over 700 acres and has become one of the choicest destinations of many across the globe.

The Nihi or the edge of the wilderness, as it dubs itself, has turned out to be a five-star resort having 30 villas with thatched roofs, basins carved from the stones and floors reed-woven. Guests can spend on the private home of Chris called Raja Mandaka at the heart of Nihi resort. If you want to have secret views, tasty dishes, hiking, yoga classes, surf, sea excursions, mountain biking, horse riding, safaris on open-air Land Rovers, spas, and local arts among others then Nihi Sumba Island is the place to go.

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