OSI Industries Its Excellence & Its Mission

Are you aware that many of your favorite food retailors do not harvest and manufacture their own food products? For the longest of time, most people tend to think that grocery stores and supermarkets produce their own foods. There is a very small percentage of food retailors who actually produces their food products, but the majority of the field is obsolete from this discussion. Located in the state of Illinois is one of the top manufacturers of food, and it has a legacy that retrogrades back to the 1900s. OSI Industries is the company that’s in question, but all answers can be referred to by the company’s extensive customer-base.

OSI Industries was founded by a German immigrant back in 1909. Otto Kolschowski was his name, and he had one of the best meat markets in the Chicagoland area. This family-owned business wasn’t big in its infant stage, but thanks to its ability to provide fresh meats, it would eventually expand beyond belief. OSI Industries was known as Otto & Sons during that particular time, but it would quickly outgrow this name. The company was one of McDonald’s first clients even during the cryogenics revolution of the 1960s. This new way for storing meats didn’t detour the company as it continued to do what it has always done. To this very day, OSI has remained a loyal client of McDonald’s, and it has remained as one of the hamburger chain’s main suppliers of beef. OSI Industries is also a client to KFC, toPapa John’s Pizza, to Pizza Hut, to Subway, to Starbucks and to many other food retailors.

Otto Kolschowki would be very proud if he was still around today, but his essence is still coursing through OSI Industries’ veins.


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