The Entrepreneurial Journey of Chris Burch

For more than 40 years now, Chris Burch has been a significant part of the entrepreneurial world. The world recognizes him for his investment skills. Among the numerous companies that Mr. Burch has founded is Creative Capital. In this company, Chris serves as the chief executive officer. Besides heading his own companies, Chris Burch has immensely contributed to the overall growth of companies such as Jawbone, Poppin as well as Voss Water. Before resolving to start up his venture, Chris was a board member at both the Guggenheim Capital and the Continuum Group.

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The entrepreneurial journey of Chris Burch dated back to 1976. Chris and his brother decided to partner. They, therefore, raised $2,000 for their startup. They established a company known as Eagle’s Eye apparel. This company grew tremendously and became a household name ( Later, the company was acquired by Swire Group. By the time of its acquisition, Eagle’s Eye was valued at $165 Million. After the sale, Chris resolved to establish Internet Capital Group. Among the many areas that Chris had invested in is the real estate development. He is among the top property developers in places such as Palm Beach, New York, Florida and Nantucket.

Chris Burch also partnered with Alan Faena and Philippe Stark to come up with the Faena hotel. His love for investing in the hospitality sector was manifested in 2012 when he acquired a hotel in Indonesia known as Nihiwatu resort. To renovate the hotel, at least $30 million was used, check ┬áThe hotel was later reopened in the year 2015. Nihiwatu has come to be recognized by many as the world’s best hotel. While speaking to Business Jet Traveler, Chris Burch revealed that he bought the Nihiwatu hotel for his children. He also said that he was hopeful that the facility would be his kind gesture of giving back to the society and a way of preserving nature.

According to Mr. Burch, Nihiwatu turned out better than he has fathomed. He says that most of the times, business ideas conceived always turn out lesser than expected. Nihiwatu has various spots. It has at least 27 private villas. One of them is Chris Burch’s private home known as Raja Mendaka. Also notable are the Stone Age sites as well as traditional villages which have remained intact for many centuries. Every person who loves adventuring would undoubtedly be fascinated by Nihiwatu Resort. Indonesian craftsmen have perfectly thatch all the villas and bungalows in Nihiwatu.

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