Eric Lefkofsky’s Tempus, Uptake, And LFF

The healthcare data analytical company based in Chicago, Tempus was the recipient of yet another large investment in March 2018. During the Series Round D, T. Rowe Price, New Enterprise Associate and Revolution Growth contributed a total of $ 80 million to the healthcare information technology company. Eric Lefkofsky, the Chief Executive Officer and cofounder of Tempus, shared with the Chicago Tribune the company is now a unicorn startup worth $ 1.1 billion. During the Series Round C, New Enterprise Associates and Revolution Growth invested $ 70 million in September 2017. Since 2015, Tempus has gotten $ 210 million in investments. Eric Lefkofsky’s UpTake, during the Series Round C raised in received the third largest amount in investments. Eric Lefkofsky attributed the influx of funding is because the realization of where the healthcare industry is currently, and the potential Tempus has in making a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. Technology has enabled healthcare professional to utilize artificial intelligence in conjunction with other tools, like electronic health records, ECG monitoring devices and other data collecting devices to fight disease in a new way.

Tempus is exploring innovative ways to combat cancer, by analyzing data. The healthcare industry has been implementing electronic tools ranging from electronic health records to pharmaceutical management platforms, to an assortment of data collecting and monitoring devices. Tempus has relationships with healthcare professional across the spectrum of the industry, which has given the tech company access to large healthcare data sets. Tempus uses machine learning algorithms to analyze historic healthcare data and molecular data from cancer patient tumors. The plan is for Tempus to discover new, more effective ways to fight cancer, based on measurable data. Tempus uses the investment funding to hire new talent, and averages about 30 new hires each month.

The Lefkofsky Family Foundation (LFF), is a private charitable foundation and was founded by Eric and his wife Liz Lefkofsky in 2006. LFF focuses on increasing educational opportunities, human rights, medical research and artistic expression.

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