Bruno Fagali Gets to Work with Nova/SB

     The fagali press is a website that features and highlights the Fagali Advocacia. The Fagali Advocacia is Bruno Fagali’s law firm that he co-founded with Lucas Pedroso. The site also presents the ethic and culture of Fagali Advocacia along with other essential articles that have something to do with the law that the firm specializes in.

Fagali is an up and coming Brazilian lawyer who specializes in Administration Law, Advertising Law, Anti-Corruption Law, Compliance, Election Law, and Parliamentary Law. He graduated from USP’s Faculty of Law with a Masters in Administrative Law. And being a household name, he is the coordinator of the Ethics and Advertising Agencies Commission of IBDEE (Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics).

Fagali’s many years of experience in the legal field has certainly earned him an upstanding reputation in Brazil’s legal industry, and he has served with various prominent law firms since 2006. At the moment, he is the Corporate Integrity Manger of Nova/SB as well as a private lawyer who practices law via his own legal firm, the Fagali Advocacia.

Bruno Fagali’s appointment as the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB is a great privilege on his part since he understands the significance of having proper ethics or conduct within an organization. His over a decade expertise in providing quality legal solutions specifically within the corporate segment of the industry illustrates the profound ability of Fagali to assist in inhibiting corrupt habits within the various units of the government.

Nova/SB reputation as a prominent advertising company in Brazil has certainly been acknowledged by the government since it employed the service of the said advertising firm to create and produce advertisements that would assist in alleviating the wariness and doubts the citizens have against the different government departments. And to make certain Nova/SB will accomplish what it needs to do in behalf of the government, the company appointed Bruno Fagali to become its Corporate Integrity Manager.

As part of his responsibility, Bruno Fagali already implemented the ethics-code program of Nova /SB and has likewise proceeded to educate and inform the advertising company’s employees at the Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro and Sau Paulo offices.


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