Fortress Investment Group Succeeds With Asset-Based Investing

Fortress Investment Group has developed a strategic track record of high-level innovation and success in investing and has truly succeeded in the areas of asset-based investing over there 20-year track record of record results and exponential returns on investment. Fortress Investment Group is run by highly innovative and strategically aligned leadership staff with tremendous insight into evaluating and strategically capitalizing on investments from various asset categories.

One of the principal founders of Fortress Investment Group Wes Edens brings a strong background in private equity portfolio management that was gain from his experiences at Lehman Brothers and BlackRock Financial where he held high-level leadership positions and directed those companies as partner and managing director to successful results and they capitalized on his keen insight and skill sets that propelled him to become one of the more respected pioneer investors in the world. As a graduate of Oregon State University where Wes majored in finance business administration, he has all the educational and intellectual background and expertise to continue to lead Fortress into the future with exceptional insight.

Fortress specializes in asset-based Investments such as capital, financial vehicles, credit funds portfolios, real estate, and private equity funds. By strategically positioned themselves as a buyer of these assets at distressed, under-performing, and illiquid positions they strategically take advantage of these asset classes and transition the investments into profitable returns with the excellent leadership and analytical skills brought to fruition within the company.

By determining values and strategically aligning themselves with exceptional information and analytical expertise they’re able to buy these investment opportunities at the right price and create long-term cash flow opportunities and win falls at the eventual sale of these investments to create lucrative returns on investments for its institutional and individual clients. Fortress has more than 1750 institutional and individual clients that they serve within their more than $43 billion dollar portfolio of assets under management.

Fortress Investment Group was purchased by SoftBank Group in December 2017 but continues to operate as a complete unit as before with the same leadership staff and chief investment and chief executive officers in place including Co-Chief Executive Officer Wes Edens, Co-Chief Executive Officer Peter Briger, and president Randall Nardone. By strategically evaluating and determining which asset-based Investments are potential Win Falls has allowed Fortress Investment Group to carve out a niche for themselves as leaders in the alternative asset categories and gain extremely high levels of return on investment for their clients.

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