Alexandre Gama Is A Hot, Top Advertiser

     Neogama was founded by Alexandre Gama in 1999. Mr. Gama decided he deserved to name Neogama after himself for the 17 years of hard work he put into the advertising industries across the United States of America and Brazil. Since, Mr. Alexandre Gama has worked all across the world, though the bulk of the effort he’s expended outside of Brazil and the United States has been across Europe, particularly in London, England.

Mr. Alexandre Gama might be best known to most people as the genius creative mind behind the popular Johnnie Walker ads of 2013 officially titled as the Rock Giant campaign. As a matter of fact, Alexandre Gama and Neogama, the company that was officially credited with the creation and distribution of the Rock Giant ad campaign and marketing scheme, helped Johnnie Walker win the award of “Company of the Year” from Diageo, the parent company that owns Johnnie Walker and hundreds of other worldwide brands.

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